Happy by architecture?

Feeling happy by architecture or by green?

Beautiful buildings, a canal or a beautiful architecture are often just as important as a green area. It can make you feel happy!

Researchers at the University of Warwick compared 1.5 million figures that people gave to their environment, in comparance to the UK health figures, writes Telegraph.

High marks for beautiful or picturesque locations were not immediately given to parks or forests. Cities, port areas and places of architectural interest received higher grades!

The figures for the surrounding area were compared with health figures: the places where people indicated they find the city beautiful, often scored better on the health card then the green areas people indicated they like. This study is different from a study by Japanese scientists. They discovered that people who live near a park become older and healthier.

We think that this is a very personal issue, does ‘the Jordaan’òr the green parc makes you happy?

Everything that makes you happy makes you healthier!