Happy in the land smiles, SAWADEE KA!

Discover paradise in the land of the eternal smile, SAWADEE KA! 

As soon as the door of the aircraft opens I smell the familiar smell and I`m stunned by an emotional “home” feeling, we are ‘at home’! I’m so glad that I can set foot on Thai soil! Sawadee ka! With a big smile, we are welcomed by the ground staff at Subvarnabhumi Bangkok International Airport. Bangkok, my favorite city in Asia, a great energetic city that despite the hectic nonetheless radiates a miraculous, serene peace.

What makes the land of the eternal smile now so fine? Is it “livin life on flip-flops? Is it “the easy life” or is it “just another day in paradise? It all sounds good and of course it is lovely to walk on your slippers, traveling light, bring your dirty underwear to the laundry and discover beautiful new places over and over again, WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED! However, the cause of my ‘home’ feel is the Thai people, the warmth of the Thai who always give you the welcome home feeling, the smile and the sharing! I almost forgot to mention their cooking skills and creativity, GOSHHHH I LOVE IT!

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With my heart filled with happiness I remember a warm evening years ago on a Samui beach, an island southeast of Bangkok. 

With our thoughts to zero, looking over the sea, enjoying the soothing sound of waves and starry night we were laying on loungebeds, at our favorite bamboo beach bar, singing along with Bob Marley sounded from the speakers. A cute little fishing boat was coming back from the sea FULL with the most delicious freshly caught fish. The fishing boat was loud and confident greeted by the Thai who worked behind the bamboobar. With much laughter and shouting he was brought in! In no time they took all the fish from the boat and grilled the fish on a home made bbq. From a distance we were looking at this beautiful, warm scene until the fisherman saw us and shouted: “pheuxn (friends), join us!” With our feet in the sand we were happy to join them and we had the most delicious fish-dinner ever, Aroy mak ma (= taste very good)! It was the best night ever!

But what is the most beautiful place in the land of smiles? Well, I actually think that every place has something special in itself. Chiang Rai, Pai, Chiang Mai, Krabi, Railey, Kanchanaburi, Isan, Lanta, Bangkok, Hua Hin, Samui, Chang, Samet to Samui, Koh Tao or the Full Moon happenings on Phangan. There are many authentic places but also many very touristic but everywhere there`re laughing people, they are warm and the food is: AROY MAK MAAAA! 

I am very curious what your favorite place is in Thailand, I can not wait to go again!

Wth love,